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1Win bonuses

The bonus programme of a bookmaker's office is often of the greatest interest to the bettor. The different organisations do not differ as much in odds, service functionality and line variety as they do in bonuses. And today we present to your attention 1Win bonuses.

And this bookmaker has a lot to please the player: there are freebies, deposit bonuses, Welcome-bonus options, and promotions for old-timers.

1Win bonuses

1Win betting company is the kind of office which tries to attract new players to its service thanks to interesting gifts. We also introduce a cumulative system for our existing players, so you can keep them with us as long as possible.

Bonuses can be divided into two groups. One is given at registration. And this method works on the official site and on its mirror. After all, it is technically a full copy of it, as it accesses the same database on the server.

But in the app, the registration gift is a bit different and, best of all, these 1Win bonuses add up.

The second category is promotions and gifts for existing players. These are intra-system leagues mechanisms, jackpots and individual offers he specific slots or promotions for sporting events.

Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN
??? Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN ???

1Win no deposit bonus

Many players are convinced that this is not a specific type of bonus, but rather a form of bonus. That is, money that is credited to a bettor's account, but does not become part of their deposit. In order for them to become such a category, they need to be wagered. That means to bet on these funds and win it.

Bookmakers often have different wagering conditions. 1Win has them too. They concern betting odds – starting at 3 and above. Obviously, wagering without deposit on bets with high winning probability and low odds simply will not allow the system.

But a no deposit bonus at 1Win is usually understood as a gift without a deposit. It is usually money to play casino games or freespins. That said, using such a bonus, all chances to win real money are saved for the player! So the no deposit bonuses at 1Win offer a great opportunity to try out a casino or new game with minimal risk.

You can find all the bonuses in the promotions and bonuses section in the top right corner of the site.

Promotions and Bonuses section
Link to Promotions & Bonuses page

Bonuses for the first four deposits

Welcome bonuses from 1Win are more generous than any other promotion. When replenishing the main account, a player can get both the standard Welcome bonus and get into one of the current promotions. And they no longer have a requirement that the deposit must be the “first”.

First Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus from 1Win

The following promotions are currently running:

  • 500% first deposit bonus. It's simple: you deposit 87 000 CFA francs, 435 000 “arrives” on top. The total is 521 500 CFA francs. Yes, don't forget that you have to wager the subsidized part at high odds.
  • Freespins. With a deposit of 13 000, the player “drops” 70 freespins. These are free spins of the selected slot.
  • Freebets. Also using your own money to pay 13 000 francs into your account, the system gives freebies valid for future sporting events.
Freespins on 1Win
Deposit bonus in the form of a freespin

Up-to-date information on all current promotions can be found in the “User Agreement” of the website. So we recommend you to read it carefully.

Rules for bonuses

The main thing we have already mentioned is the need for wagering. But that only applies to no deposit bonuses. There are also other types of gifts that don't need to be wagering – cashback and express raises.

General rules:

  • make a deposit;
  • have a registration;
  • Provider must support the chosen currency – for freespins;
  • maximum amount – 652,000 CFA francs;
  • for leaderboard, you have to bet all the time.

For some slots, unique bonuses are available, which the player can obtain simply by playing them. For freebies, however, it is often necessary to wager a certain amount or to reach a certain betting limit.

Drops Wins Slots promotion
Play slots with Drops & Wins Slots promotion

Here's a valid bonus from the provider Pragmatic Play.

How to use the bonuses

Freespins are activated and automatically added when you make a deposit. This is evidenced by the bonus reference information.

Bonus Activation
Description of bonus activation

No deposit bonuses often need to be ticked, just like the promotional codes at registration. Do not skip this box.

Promotion code at registration
Add promo code when you sign up

All the bonus features are used manually, whether it's freebies with freespins or betting with no deposit money.

Express bonus

The second kind of direct bonus at 1Win. The meaning is different here, but the incentive is even more interesting. It motivates you to use express bets. And the bettor's participation is automatically fixed from any parlay with 5 events or more. The more events that close in the clear, the bigger the bonus that 1Win itself will add on top.

Express Bonus
Bonuses on 1Win Express

There is no limit on the odds, but the additional bonus depends on the odds. We'll award it to you as a percentage.

Let's say we bet on six events with odds 1.88, 1.3, 1.32, 1.55, 1.87, 1.3. The total odds will be 12.1. We'll bet the conditional 17,000 CFA francs. The net profit in case of winning will be 191,000 francs. And 15,500 francs will come from the bookie himself. Nice, from that perspective, we can treat any odds in the parlay as an increase of 7-15% respectively, depending on the number of events specified in the bet.

Casino Bonus

This is the simplest bonus and forms part of the overall Loyalty Programme. The nature of the accrual is divided into two categories: for visiting the 1Win website or mobile app, and for time spent playing. The amounts depend on your level in the system, i.e. the number of bets placed. The exact numbers change all the time, you can find them in the Loyalty program section.

The bonuses are awarded in the form of local in-game currency 1Win coins.

Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN
??? Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN ???

Betting bonuses (freebets)

A common practice, bonus freebets exist in almost all bookmaker's bonus programmes. 1Win is no exception, but here freebets are not part of permanent promotions, but rather temporary. Just like freespins, by the way.

That is, it's not a fact that at the time you register, the freebies will be active. They accrue about 4-5 months out of the year. As of this writing, there are no active freibet promotions. But when they do, they will work according to a set system. You get to bet on an event with a predetermined odds limit, the winning amount on it becomes your no deposit bonus. You can win it back or use it as an option to hedge your risk. For example, when choosing a particularly dangerous, but “tasty” bet, it is logical not to risk only your own money, but to contribute a part by means of non-deposit savings. So you either wagering the bonus, or fix the loss at a small value.

As a reminder, the maximum order bonus is 5%. Expresses are not eligible for wagering.

Bonus for downloading the mobile app

The 1Win mobile app has its own bonus system. It has its own temporary promotions, such as a birthday present. But the best part is the download bonus for the mobile app. It amounts to 43,500 CFA francs. What's remarkable is that it's not a gift on your first deposit, nor is it a welcome bonus. You can have a long-standing account and then at some point decide to download the app. Even then, you will still get the coveted 43,500 francs in your account.

That is why we strongly recommend all 1Win members to download the software. Even if you do not intend to use it and want to continue playing via your desktop and browser. An extra 43,500 francs is always nice.

1Win Loyalty Program

A loyalty scheme to support the interest of regular customers. The loyalty rewards are modest, but you don't have to do anything to earn them. Currency is saved all the time and can sometimes be withdrawn.

The calculation is in 1win coins. Its nominal value is 9 francs. Points are awarded only for casino play, but excluding certain categories:

  • Live casino;
  • roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • poker;
  • baccarat.

Sports betting is also not included in the available categories. But the bookmaker promises that this is a temporary phenomenon. We hope to see a loyalty programme in this segment soon, too.

Withdrawals are available from 1,000 Coins. But they take a long time to acquire, requiring a betting amount of 6,519,000 francs or more to earn a single point. With a good budget and intensive play, gamers often put 1,304,000+ francs a month through their deposit on stakes. In this case, once every few months you can get a free 1,000 into your account. Anyway, the bonus is small but nice.

1Win promo codes and coupons

The most typical 1Win deposit bonus is just that, a promo code. It is entered when you register, allowing you to either increase the percentage value of the deposit you make, or get a numerical addition to it.

They are published en masse on the website, in the official 1Win Telegram group, and in partner communities.

Coupons, on the other hand, are designed for existing players. You can activate them in your personal cabinet, getting a freebet or again a no deposit bonus. You can find coupons in 1Win groups and from partners.

How to enter a promotion code

The instructions are simple. First, go to the website or its mirror.

Home page 1Win
Home Page

Click on the “Register” button, it's on the right, in green. Or there is a double option in the top right corner.

In the large window that opens, choose the “Add promo code” button.

Add Promotion Code
Method of adding a promo code during registration

Enter our promotion code in the new field and press “Register”.

Enter Promotion Code
Validate promo code

The same combination cannot be used twice.

1Win voucher

This is in fact the same as a promotional code, only it is not used at the time of registration, but at any time. It is also a combination of letters and numbers, which you type into the right field. The outcome is the crediting of nth amount to your account in the no-deposit category.

You can find the field on the first line of the personal cabinet's quick view.

1Win voucher
Add 1Win voucher

An important aspect is that you will not be able to use the voucher without registering and activating your wallet. Accordingly, you must have already funded your account at least once.

1Win temporary promotions

Well, the last type of 1Win bonuses are periodic promotions. They are hidden in the same section of bonuses and promotions.

Promotions and offers
Example of promotions on the 1Win website

As you can see, there are quite a few of them. Plus they are constantly being updated. Some are specific to slots or events, others are general in nature. In order to keep your hand on the pulse of the game and not to miss out on great deals, we recommend that you visit the section every day to see what's new. All the terms and conditions of a particular promotion are revealed by clicking on the icon.

Bonus Cashback Promotion
“Weekend Bonus Cashback 10% at BetGames” at 1Win

Problems with receiving bonuses

If any promo codes are not activated, bonuses are not credited or promotions do not work, you should contact support. It's available 24/7, and its staff answer quite promptly. Especially by phone, live chat is not as fast. You can find it in the bottom right corner.

Contact 1Win support
Website helpdesk panel

We therefore recommend that you email us immediately –

Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN
??? Register and get $2000 bonus from 1WIN ???


1Win Sports Bonuses – What are they?

It is a comprehensive system of promotions, bonuses and cashback for players.

How to get 1Win bonus without deposit?

You can't do it without creating a wallet. And you can get a no deposit bonus by registering, using a promo code or via an existing promotion.

How do I wager my 1Win sports bonuses?

You have to place a bet on an order with odds no lower than 3.

What is 1Win Bonus for installing the app?

It is a one-off credit of 43,500 CFA francs once you have downloaded the app and logged in.

What bonus does 1Win give me for registering?

500% on your first deposit or 43,500 CFA when you sign up in the mobile app.

Promo code BigBonus777 for Bonus 500%