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1Win reviews

Due to the popularity of the gambling segment, more and more betting shops and online casinos are appearing on the market. It has become quite a challenge for the user to navigate through this variety of choices. The most reliable way to find out which ones are of good quality and which ones are trustworthy still remains in the form of player reviews. However, a big part of these reviews raises doubts about their honesty. That is why our survey will help you identify and get to the bottom of exclusively truthful user reports. The bookmaker 1Win is in our spotlight today, and we'll be checking out the reviews of 1Win across all the sites on the Internet.

General reviews of 1Win

You can always find conflicting reviews about any bookmaker on the web. Obviously, some of them are made to order. Some are bought by the bookmakers themselves, others are published by competitors wishing to lower their rating. But there are many platforms where reviews are either moderated and suspected of being ordered, or in principle these platforms are not popular for ordering fake reviews.

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Reviews of 1Win from forums

One of the key benefits of 1Win by users is considered to be the wide line up and the large selection of eventing. The spreads have always remained a strong aspect of this bookmaker's office. Even if a user leaves a neutral review, it's a point they can't ignore.

Feedback dated 30 December
Positive review of 1Win in general

This bettor is also right to point out that 1Win's second major plus is the plethora of bonuses. These include welcome-format no-deposit bonuses, which are given both for first-time registrations on the site, as well as promotions for regular players. Freespins, freebies, cashbacks, internal leagues with direct deposit bonuses, as well as the famous promo codes and vouchers, which are actively distributed both on the official site itself and from partners in communities (mostly on Telegram). Here's another review of this system at 1Win that confirms this fact.

Review of 15 December
Review of 1Win slots and odds

Cyber sports are also often mentioned. A certain category of users comes to 1Win solely for betting on DOTA 2, LoL and other so-called cyber games. Many alternative bookmakers keep this section, as they say, just for show. 1Win, on the other hand, takes it very seriously, working out live for cyber sports, as well as keeping track of the events.

Review of 12 December
Cyber Sports Betting Review

Reviews from ratings sites

Reputable bookmaker rating resources that make predictions value their reputations. Therefore, they strictly monitor the honesty of the reviews on their official website by subjecting them to constant moderation. These include, and others.

We investigated them and found out how the users of these resources feel about 1Win.

The first thing we see is statements about the bonus system. Yes, while other aspects vary, the system of promotions and discounts on the project is praised on all sites without exception.

Feedback from September 2
Review of a wide range of bonuses and promotions

This example from Bookmaker Rating, the green prefix on the right hand side indicates that the moderators have researched the review, confident in its veracity. It is interesting that the positive attitude to the bonus system is shared by both newcomers, as in this example, and already experienced players who have changed a dozen bookmaker's offices.

Also, bettors note the ease of registration.

Testimonial dated October 20
User praise for registering at 1Win

To bet on sports or play at the casino, the user can choose one of the options:

  • 1-click registration;
  • through social networks with automatic completion of registration forms;
  • through standard registration with a number and e-mail.

There is a fourth way to go through the procedure via an app, but technically it duplicates the functionality of the official website. Accordingly, the methods are identical.

The website is often noted for its very stylish, user-friendly design.

Testimonial of 8 November
A review that praises the interface

This is true: the dark blue tones are great for bettors. Separately, the menu itself, which allows you to switch between sections, is in two places at once. At the top, in horizontal form.

Website design
Example colour palette on 1Win website

Also in the top right tab, but already in vertical format.

1Win Menu
Side Menu

On roughly similar reviews.

User review of
Reviews for 1Win on

Another service noted here is 1Win invest, which has become a very popular investment platform in the last year. And it is attracting attention from professional investors as well – not only bettors rate it positively. Otherwise, as you can see, the same bonuses and cashback, as well as a well-developed cyber sports section.

Other rating sites are also overwhelmingly full of positive reviews about this office.

Feedback from December 9th
Testimonial from a user who successfully started the game on 1Win

It's not uncommon for players to write about the app. It replicates all the options on the official site.

Testimonial dated 02.08.22
The user describes the general features of the bookmaker 1Win

Reviews on social networks

There are far fewer reviews published on social media for a betting company with casino elements. Firstly, not exactly the right sites, and secondly, the moderation often doesn't take well to discussions of gambling as a banned vertical on most social networks.

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But having researched the main communities, we also noted the overwhelmingly positive feedback from bettors. Here is one interesting story from a player.

Review 25.11.20
User telling their betting story on 1Win

Or just feedback from grateful players about the overall functionality of the system.

Review dated 25 November
Positive social media review

By the way, 1Win also runs its own events from time to time. Especially in the casino section. Gamblers are very welcoming of such an initiative and participate with great eagerness. It is logical when you consider that the bank always gives “tasty” prizes like no deposit or direct deposit bonuses for the first place.

Casino 1Win review
Tournament Reviews

Well, from evaluating the reviews on the bookmaker's overall functionality, sections, lines and most importantly, bonuses, we can draw our conclusion: 1Win is a really good bookmaker. Yes, it's not devoid of small shortcomings (and who doesn't?), but it stands out brightly from its peers. The grands in the sphere at least does not lose out.

Reviews on cash transactions

From the general to the particular. Let's take a look at the reviews on 1Win about all financial operations: payments, deposits, withdrawals with 1Win and so on.

Let's start with the things that may cause some players a little trouble. For example, when withdrawing an atypical amount (larger than the standard amount), you may need to verify it. It only needs to be done once. Or this procedure should be done in advance, so as not to get into a situation like in the following review.

Revocation of 17.05.22
Passing verification

Here is another comment, also with verification from moderation, demonstrating that a preventive solution to the problem allows you to get rid of any additional checks. But every bettor may hit the jackpot, it is better to be prepared for it beforehand.

Testimonial dated 09.07.22
Withdrawal on verification

But the withdrawal range is often not tied to the amount of finance itself, but to the payment method used.

Withdrawal 3 Dec.
Time range for withdrawals from 1Win

As you can see, the average withdrawal range to bank cards is small. The threshold limit is 2 hours. But if you want to transfer your winnings to e-cards or cryptocurrency wallets, you'll have to wait a little longer – from a couple of hours to two days. However, anyone who has withdrawn money from 1Win knows that this is roughly a common factor for all offices.

In addition to withdrawal, the issue of interest to the user is depositing. Often you have to “deposit” money quickly to have time to bet on an important event. This has happened to everyone a couple of times. But 1Win is fine with this aspect.

Feedback from October 8th
Review of 1Win top up

The money came in 4 hours for this author. This is the maximum for this situation, in most cases recharge is faster.

Feedback on 1Win tech support

The functionality, the line, the different sports – it's all good. As long as the user doesn't encounter any technical problems. And the speed of their solution depends entirely on the support team. Let's pay attention to what it is like at 1Win.

For this author the issue was solved. It took three days

Feedback dated 12.10.22
Positive feedback on 1Win support

Although, from observation, this is the average response time for many similar betting shops. Plus we don't know how serious the problem was for the commenter.

For those who bet, it is convenient that the support team not only solves the problem, but also provides advice. And users also appreciate the human and pleasant communication. It is no secret that almost every experienced bettor has encountered the cold indifference of the support staff at typical bookmakers.

Technical support is often noted as one of the fundamental advantages of the 1Win betting shop.

Reply dated 21.06.22
Sappor as an important element of 1Win

Separately I would like to say about Rating Bookmakers. Reviews on 1Win technical support is constantly monitored, under each gives a balanced comment.

Response to feedback
Response to feedback from 1Win support

It's noteworthy that if a user complains about some technical problems, the support team doesn't just sympathize in the comments on the rating site, but offers to solve the problem urgently.

Reply to feedback of 25.04.22
Support offers to solve the user's problem in response to the feedback

The customer only has to send the ID of the bet that temporarily “hung up” in the said case. The helpdesk is surprisingly willing to contact customers, even on a third-party site. Although in principle they answer questions via live chat on the official website, phone call or e-mail.

Rating portals rates all of 1Win's criteria quite highly. The bookmaker has a rating close to maximum.

Rating from
1Win Rating from

Rating-Bookmakers gives a slightly more modest rating, but this is not surprising, this portal is in principle rather reluctant to give 5 stars. Such a rating needs to be earned by quality work over a long period of time.

Right now 1Win's rating on this site is 4 stars.

Bookmakers ranking
Bookmaker ranking of 1Win

Is 1Win a good bookmaker

Judging by the aggregate reviews, 1Win is a really reliable bookmaker. Except for small imperfections like necessity of verification (which protects the player himself) and rare 2-3 days delay in withdrawal of funds, the positive aspects seriously outweigh. Let's be objective. A wide range of games, excellent support service, overwhelmingly prompt withdrawal to bank cards, not to mention the functional advantages and bonus system, which is praised by 90% of bettors. Accordingly, our verdict is 8.5/10. 1Win confirms its high user status.

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