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Depositing and withdrawing from 1Win

For any gambler involved in betting on sports or playing casino games at 1Win, the question of depositing and especially withdrawing winnings is one of the most burning issues. In this article we will take a detailed look at the specifics of such transactions, focusing on how to withdraw money from 1Win correctly.

How to make a deposit to 1Win

1Win deposit is available for registered users only. We advise you to verify (passport verification) before making your first deposit, but you can also do it after making a deposit. To make a deposit into your personal betting office you will need:

  1. Register on the 1Win – through the official website or via mobile application. You can do it via email or social networks. To protect your profile from access by third parties, it is not recommended to register via a quick click. It is better to create an account with a link to your email and mobile number.
  2. After registration in 1Win, you have to log in to the website and go to personal cabinet through settings menu. In your profile information will be available on user status, main parameters and options, verification, as well as peculiarities of payment transactions.
  3. 1Win account replenishment is done through the main user menu in his lobby, but a simpler way is to click on “Balance” directly on the main page of the site. The system will automatically take the player to the deposit form.

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The minimum transfer amount as well as the commission depends on the transaction method chosen.

Manage accounts
Login to Deposit Lobby

Top up methods in 1Win

  • from a bank card – we accept Visa, MasterCard (foreign cards – via VPN);
  • by means of e-wallets – MoneyGo, MoneyGo Voucher;
  • with cryptocurrency account – bookmaker accepts 20 crypto versions, including Bitcoin;
  • by mobile transfer.

Before you make a deposit to 1Win, we recommend that you make sure you have sufficient funds on your card or e-wallet from where you plan to make the transfer. The table below will help you decide how to make a deposit to 1Win.

To make a deposit, select a currency and press “Top up”
Payment system Min-max deposit Time Commission
Bank card 8 700–870 000 KFA francs 3-5 minutes Up to 4.5%
Electronic wallets 900 –130 000 francs 3-5 minutes 0-2% of transfer
Cryptocurrency wallets:

Plastrix, FKWallet

900 –870 000 francs 3-5 minutes Depending on the system
Mobile balance 900 –87 000 francs 3-5 minutes Up to 4.5%

Payment details at 1Win

To get a better understanding of how to use the bookmaker's site, it is advisable to study some of its features.

Transaction history

Here you can see a list of previously made deposits, sums and dates of payments. You can find the “Transaction History” from the main website lobby in the “Details” menu of the user's personal area.

Transaction history in 1Win
Transaction History in Details

Bonuses on deposits

The first deposit bonus for newbies is 500% of the total deposited amount. The promotions and bonuses menu can be found on the top bar of the website. Special offers for new and regular players are available here.

1Win bonuses
bookmaker bonuses

Deposits can be made from the 1Win mirror, the mobile website or the mobile app. It does not matter which device you use to make the deposit. Deposits from Android, iOS and Windows gadgets are also accepted. Time of transfer and the amount of commission depend only on the deposit or withdrawal method chosen by the user.

How to withdraw money from 1Win

1Win offers various withdrawal methods, which proves the reliability of the betting company and its stability. Money can be withdrawn using the same payment services from which you deposited your game account. The only restriction: players can only use Bitcoin for depositing, not for withdrawals. What do I need to withdraw money from 1Win:

  • Go to the lobby on the website and click on “Withdraw Funds”.
  • A list will pop up where you have to select which payment system you want to transfer money to, fill in the recipient's details and select the amount to be withdrawn (note that the minimum amount to be transferred depends on the type of payment system, for example, for bank cards it is 9 francs).

Withdrawal at 1Win takes from a few minutes to 5 working days depending on the workload of the operators and issuing banks, as well as the selected method of transfer.

Withdraw funds
Withdrawal of funds from the main player menu

Withdrawal methods from 1Win betting site

In order to correctly manage your account at 1Win and not to have problems with the withdrawal of winnings you need to be verified. To do so, you will need to contact the support team and provide:

  • A scan of two pages of your passport (with the date of issue of the document and photo), scans of foreign passports and international driving licence are also accepted.
  • A certificate confirming the gambler's current place of residence.
  • Photo of the front side of the bank card that will be linked to the player's profile on 1Win.

If the verification is not successful, we will need to submit an application to review the data and clarify the reasons for rejecting the verification. The application shall be written in any form and sent by e-mail to the bookmaker. The application shall contain the essence of the problem, it shall be accompanied by the evidence and the request itself. Be sure to date and, if available, electronically sign it.

Payment system Min-max deposit Time Commission
Bank card 870 –652 000 francs 5 min – 5 days 0%
Electronic wallets 90 –870 000 francs 5-60 minutes 0%
Plastrix, FKWallet 90 –8 700 000 francs 15 min – 3 days 0%
Mobile balance 90 –130 000 francs 10–30 minutes 0%

Withdrawals are available from the 1Win mirror, mobile website and app. Common withdrawal mistakes are trying to withdraw money immediately after depositing it into a gaming account and using someone else's bank card.

Withdrawal methods
Choosing a withdrawal method

What to do if I cannot withdraw money

The first thing to do is to pinpoint the problem and try to solve it yourself. Let us take a look at the problems you might have withdrawing from 1Win.

The reason Solution
Account verification in progress Wait for notification of the end of the procedure
The details are incorrect Correct the details and try again
The output account is different from the input account Send funds to the account from which the deposit was made

If none of the above helps, you need to contact 1Win technical support by e-mail at The fastest way is to use online chat. Our specialists will reply within 5-15 minutes depending on the load. The chat room is open 24 hours a day.

Unlike many similar offices, 1Win never delays the withdrawal of funds of its users. According to reviews, 1Win works honestly, always tries to help newcomers and does not try to steal players' winnings.

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How can I withdraw money to my card?

Via the “Withdrawal” option in our user area.

What is the minimal deposit amount for 1Win?

From 900 francs or its equivalent in the currency chosen by the user during registration.

Does 1Win offer a bonus on my first deposit?

Yes, the first time depositor bonus is 500% of the first deposit amount up to a maximum of 652,000 francs.

Can I open an account from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use Windows, iOS and Android to register your account and make your first deposit.

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