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1Win Mirror

The 1Win mirror is a working solution which allows you to get to the official website of the betting company. Many users from Cameroon have faced the problem of access to 1Win. In this review, we will discuss in detail the technical aspects of the site mirrors of this bookmaker's office, as well as the peculiarities of finding them.

What is a 1Win mirror

1Win mirrors are actually clones of the official site of the office. Any information you can find on the web is on the server/servers. The website is the way to access them, while a working mirror is just another way to the server. In other words, by using a different URL, the user is accessing the same data as with the main site.

The reason for creating a working clone of the project is simple: 1Win is not officially licensed in Cameroon, as in our country any betting company working with real customer money can only perform betting activities, which is betting on sports. Roulette, slots, bingo and other gambling activities are prohibited by Cameroonian law with the exception of special gambling zones. That is why today the entrance to the official 1Win website is blocked by MINATD.

How to get to the working mirror of 1Win

There are several options, you can choose the best one for yourself. Let's take a detailed look at what are the ways to find the 1Win mirror.

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Search for direct queries in search engines

Google will do. You should enter almost any query containing the words “1Win” and “mirror”. If the search does not meet the requirements for a simple query, try “playing around” with words: add “come in”, “today”. Example: “mirror 1Win today”.

But often no additional manipulation is required. Search engines, more so Google, do not sanction such search queries and provide normal output.

Searchable image
Example of search results for “1Win mirror”

You are likely to see several links. The first one will take you to the mirror of the bookmaker 1Win.

Switch to mirror site
Link to live mirror site

Let us warn our readers: using a search engine, you may well run into scammers. Scam projects specialize in stealing users' passwords and logins in order to log in instead of them and withdraw their money. To identify a fake mirror, all you need to know is that a fake is always a 1-10 page website. It has no sections, no slots, no bonuses – such a copy would be too difficult to implement. So it's enough to “click” through the sections, check the functionality of the line, go to the programs (1WinTV, Invest). Another good way is to contact support via the live chat window – it's definitely not administered on the fake.

On the real mirror you can open any slot in peace.

Working mirror
Example slot on working mirror

Please note that there is no personal account in the top right corner – we are not registered. But quite easily opened casino section and random slot.

Search through 1Win support

Finding a mirror of the official 1Win website is possible, but this method is far from the leader in terms of speed. There are three options:

  • Contact technical support via an email. You will have to wait from 3 hours to a couple of days for a reply. Accordingly, it is unlikely that you will be able to play on the day of your request.
  • Call the support team. But in this case, you will be advised how to search for mirrors at most, but moderators will not dictate the address to type it into the line.
  • To write in a live chat. But this is a vicious circle, because to write in a chat room, you need to get to the mirror. You will find the chat itself in the bottom left menu, next to the phone icon. You can ask any technical question there.
1Win technical support
Support chat window

Average response time between 20 minutes and an hour.

Search for the link in social networks

We consider this way the most useful. Only need to note that you should look for the link you need only in official groups and communities. No “leftist” information from well-wishers in the comments, as it will most likely lead you to a phishing site.

Finding the project's official Telegram group is easy: the address appears in the first Google query or an internal search on the social network. Today, the community has almost 100,000 subscribers.

1Win Telegram Channel
Telegram feed

The community is also constantly delighting users with news, draws freebies, freespins, and notifies about the activation of new promotions. This is a very useful information channel for players.

To find the link to the 1Win mirrors, you will need the anchored posts, which are presented as a top button with an appropriate caption. Click on it several times until you get to the comment of 1Win, in which you will see the inscription – working mirror. It is clickable and is the entrance to the mirror.

Link to mirror
Mirror link from the Telegram Channel

There you will also find links to the official 1Win communities in other social networks.

Via mobile app

The news sections in the 1Win mobile app also provide information about mirrors. But the app is not blocked in principle by MINATD. So if you have the app downloaded, the point of searching for current mirrors is lost.

Registration through the mirror 1Win

The working mirror of 1Win is not only a way to play any gambling games and bet on sports. You can also use it to register at 1Win.

There is a nuance here: on some mirrors the registration form is limited. This is a consequence of technical peculiarities, not yet solved by the developers. So, instead of three registration options will be available only the standard one. But this is a temporary phenomenon and these mirrors are fairly quickly replaced. Again, if there is no choice of registration options, this is a reason to be wary and carry out additional checks.

In most cases, the standard form looks like this.

Registration form
Register for 1Win

Accordingly, the clone allows not only to carry out the registration procedure, but also to use various promo codes, cashback and other project bonuses. Some of them are given to the user who creates an account for the first time.

All sections of the project also work without interruption. The line-up is open and the bonus section can be viewed. Live provides up-to-date information without any delays.

live section
“Live” section on the betting site

Conveniently, the speed of the site does not decrease at all due to the alternative URL in the address bar.

Withdrawal of funds from 1Win

The mirror allows you to order money withdrawal, just like the official website. Moreover, there is even an opportunity to edit your payment details and track your deposits. All financial functions that the user is used to are available to the same extent as on the main website.

Therefore, there is no practical difference between the mirror and the original; the mass of bettors permanently use clones without going to the official site.

Blocking the 1Win mirror

MINATD is constantly fighting against bookmakers with “Casino” sections and operating without a Cameroon license. The main impact is pressure on ISPs to monitor and block access to mirrors. In fact, they remain on the web, just the ISP does not allow you to access them. Being aware of this situation, the 1Win project creates new mirrors with the same speed. And in most cases, several of them at once. In other words, there is no moment when your usual mirror has been blocked while a new one has not yet appeared on the web or in the official 1Win Telegram community.

Let's reassure bettors right away: blocking the mirror does not affect the personal information indicated on the website. All your data, actions, bonuses and winnings are stored on the server. A mirror, like the website, is simply the door to it. So don't worry about losing your account, money or any winnings not being recorded.

Once you are faced with a blocked clone, you just need to find another one.

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Other blocking workarounds

1Win's working mirror is not the only way to bypass blocking from MINATD. There are at least two effective alternatives: a VPN and a mobile app. The app is simple: download, install on your smartphone, play. No MINATD action affects this app. It is not downloaded from Play Market, so it is simply impossible to block it. Admittedly, you will have to use a mirror or VPN service to download the app, at least for the first time.

A VPN is a browser extension or separate program that masks the address of the site you're visiting and also changes your IP. By encrypting your incoming connection, you “cheat” your ISP by getting to a resource that is banned in Cameroon. VPN services are paid, but almost every one of them has a free version with reduced features that suffice.


Why does 1Win need a mirror?

A working mirror of 1Win allows you to get to the website bypassing the MINATD blockade.

Are 1Win mirrors safe?

Absolutely, as long as you are on it. You may end up on a phishing site, so be sure to check.

Can I play slots via 1Win mirror?

Yes, the mirror is exactly the same as the original.

What should I do if hangs?

If you are sure you are on a real mirror, contact support or look for an alternative clone of the official site.

Can I play through the 1Win Casino Mirror on my mobile phone?

Yes, but it is much easier to use 1Win via a mobile app from your smartphone. It also does not fall under the MINATD block.

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